Long-term breastfeeding in the news!


Sustained breastfeeding is a truly global phenomenon, in both the developing world AND in the developed world – mothers from 48 countries [mainly developed world] responded to e-surveys for BOC.

The more we realise we are part of a global community, the stronger and more confident we’ll become!  Hearing about long-term breastfeeding in other regions reinforces an awareness of our global nature, so tell us your news!

NEW ZEALAND: Love this video because it presents sustained bfdg in a normal context, ie in the home rather than, say a studio, and doesn’t seem staged or posed. Also because it shows the children playing etc and eating – so their emotional health is more than evident, and their moms are great!  http://tvnz.co.nz/20-20-news/20-milking-3561134/video


Scientific American 30 April 2010

NOT ABOUT LONG-TERM BFDG – BUT MORE OF WHAT’S GOOD IS BETTER! 🙂 Good article on breastfeeding benefits for women.



The Daily Mail 30 April 2010:

Another feature on Amanda Hurst


Radio Leeds 30 April 2010:

Programme begins at 11mins with mainly negative comments, Amanda Hurst interview at 19mins, Ann Sinnott at 47mins.   Negative comments are usual rubbish but overwhelmed by many supportive comments, including statement from Celia who bfd two children for 6/7yrs (immediately after Ann Sinnott) and also the father of a bfdg 6yr old.


BBC News 30 April 2010:

Spurred by coverage of Amanda Hurst, the NCT comes out in support of long-term breastfeeding until any age!


Radio Sheffield 29 April 2010:

Amanda Hurst interview begins at 17mins.  Anna Burbidge of La Leche League GB begins at 1hr 18mins.


The Mirror 28 April 2010:

Feature on Amanda Hurst, mother of breastfeeding 5yr old.



6 responses to “Long-term breastfeeding in the news!

  1. This is a comment, to the Radio Leeds post & link above, which almost got lost (sorry Allison) when I moved and renamed the post:

    Thanks for sharing! I am tandeming my 12 month old and 3 year old and don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

  2. Good for you, Allison! The woman’s comment that it’s impossible to feed two really made me chuckle – if she only knew how many mothers are, I think she’d faint!

  3. Milia


    Here is the website that you requested regarding a nursing kindergartner that I told you about:


    Please let me know if it doesn’t work, and I will try to pull it up a different way. And I’m sorry that I said it was from youtube.com; I had actually seen it on yahoo.com as a news video.

    I forgot to tell you that I, too, completed your questionnaire when you e-mailed it way back when and was very proud to do so (-: ! Keep up the awesome job of informing people of this very special and NATURAL way of mothering!

  4. Milia, think you must be based stateside… I’ve read elsewhere about this mother but, unfortunately, the video can’t be accessed here in UK via that link, don’t know about other locations of course.

    If you can find another way that could be accessed by all, I’m sure many would like to see it, including me!

    Am so grateful to you and all the mothers (and many times also partners) who generously shared all your stories – and also grateful to those who, later, were willing to simply ‘make up the numbers’ – you made the book possible!

    I deliberately kept my own story out of it as much as possible – I didn’t want it to be a book about me, the Diva, with you all as background chorus! I used as many extracts from questionnaires as my publisher would allow (far more than a bigger publisher would have permitted) because I wanted it to be a book of many voices. Your voices. Did you find any of your own statements?

    When I have more time, it’s my intention to redress the balance and share something of my story with you all [see ‘About’], but that will have to wait for now – May is going to be another busy month!

    Thanks again, Milia.

  5. Milia


    I’m so sorry that you can’t access that! I’ve tried everything I can think of to make it Europe-friendly (-: , but to no avail. I can at least give you the name of the woman and her son so you can try to research it at your end. Her name is Robyn Paul, and her son’s name is Tiernan. If you locate the video, at the beginning is another woman briefly w/her children, then they get to Robyn. So you actually get two stories for the price of one (-: !

    I sure hope you can find the story, b/c I think it’s a great one (they interview the mother, the son, as well as the other siblings who long-term nursed).

    I also hope you have a terrific Mother’s Day (-: !


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