GOLD10 Global Online Lactation Discussion, 6 May – 1 June 2010.  Now in its fourth year, with more than 1000 delegates this year.  Speakers give presentations 6-8 May, and then participate in online discussions throughout the conference period

8 May – Ann Sinnott: Breastfeeding older children, Myth v Reality

FEEDBACK: 1449 delegates from 52 countries. The recording of my presentation received 2267 hits. 71% ranked my presentation style above average/excellent. 81.9 % said they gained new knowledge. 43.1% found the info very relevant to their work.

That means a lot more people now know about the realities of sustained breastfeeding!

NCT Big Weekend, 15-16 May 2010, Telford, Gloucester.  1000 delegates.

15 May – Ann Sinnott: Breastfeeding older children, Common misconceptions

FEEDBACK: Many people told me they found my presentation enjoyable and valuable.


2 responses to “Events

  1. GOLD10 presentation went well. More than 1300 delegates from 51 countries this year!

  2. NCT Conference.

    An enormous conference in a huge venue!

    Was in the same session as Suzanne Colson and ended up spending a lot of time with her. Very much enjoyed Suzanne’s presentation on Biological Nurturing. It was appropriate that we were in the same session as we were both speaking about breastfeeding as innate behaviour in the child – she in the newborn, me in the child. Breastfeeding, as we know, is innate behaviour for the entire duration of breastfeeding.

    Also had a brief chat with Ina May Gaskin but unfortunately was unable to attend her sessions. Ina May showed this fantastic video in her presentation: an elephant giving birth:—the-dramatic-struggle-for-life

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