Am so grateful to all (and many times also partners) who generously shared their stories for the book – and also grateful to those who, later, were willing to simply ‘make up the numbers’. Collectively, you not only made the book possible but made it more effective and ensured its potential to help bring about cultural change.

I deliberately kept my own story out of BOC as much as possible – I didn’t want it to be a book about me, the Diva, with you all as the background chorus!  I used as many extracts from questionnaires as my publisher would allow (far more than a bigger publisher would have permitted) because I wanted it to be a book of many voices. Your voices.

When I have more time, it’s my intention to redress the balance and share something of my story with you – but that will have to wait for now.  May is shaping up to be another busy month!


2 responses to “About

  1. Greetings,

    I am the Publisher of Timeless Spirit Magazine. We are very interested in reviewing a copy of your book.

    Please contact us at: timelessspirit@shaw.ca

    in light,

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