Breastfeeding Older Children, Free Association Books, pub Jan 2010

Hello to past, current and future readers, and thanks again to all who responded to surveys for the book. If anyone feels like writing a comment on Breastfeeding Older Children, I’d love the feedback!



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16 responses to “Breastfeeding Older Children, Free Association Books, pub Jan 2010

  1. jennifer

    Just a well-wishing comment, and also to help you know whether comments are able to be seen by others.

    Haven’t read the book yet, but will read it with much interest.

    • Many thanks, Jennifer.

      Looks as if everyone will be able to see comments! Only trouble is, I have to approve comments before they appear, so there may sometimes be a delay.

      As I become more familiar with the format, will work on organisation, so that information remains accessible.


  2. danielle mitchell

    I’ve read your book and also sent in questionaires while you were writing it. I think the end result is really good and should be a must-read for anyone in the medical profession or anyone working in any form of care, whether it is healthcare or indeed childcare. If this book was mandatory in many courses, it would make for a lot more understanding in this world towards mothers who are feeding longterm.

  3. Jo

    I have yet to read your book (cheekily, I am waiting for it to come down in price a little!) but I follow you on Facebook, and will read your blog with interest! I am entering a new world of breastfeeding an older child.. my enthusiastic breastfeeder is 2 on Friday.

    • Congratulations, Jo, on reaching the 2yr milestone!

      Yes, I know the book’s shockingly expensive. The Book Depository is currently the cheapest and has free worldwide postage. Some people are getting libraries to stock it – a great idea, because it also means it will be available to more moms.


  4. Allison

    I’ll be following the blog and am grateful for the book Ann. I answered the survey while you were writing and requested my public library (I’m in Canada) buy copies which they are so I will be reading it soon! I have followed the press links you have sent and while not surprised am dismayed about the lack of understanding and acceptance. It is something I feel should not even be questioned.

    Best of luck!

    • Hi Allison
      Thanks for taking part in the survey. When you get hold of a copy of BOC, perhaps you will see an extract or two from your questionnaire responses. If not, am sure you will find echoes of aspects of your own experience. And well done for getting your local library onboard!

      No, it shouldn’t be questioned. But don’t be disheartened by media coverage, and especially don’t be disheartened by comments to articles ( are the worst, I didn’t have the stomach to read through beyond a handful, was quite sickened by some). I have no doubt that in a short time the issue will be the subject of serious debate, and hopefully research – and when that happens, we will be vindicated!

      Meantime, we know what we know! 🙂


  5. Nicole

    I ordered the book for our La Leche League group and it arrived a few weeks ago. I have started to read it and enjoyed reading all the comments I sent in my survey several years ago. This will be a great supporting book to mothers who are pressured to wean and I’m sure many will relax and enjoy extending breastfeeding.

    Good luck with your presentation at the Gold10 online conference Ann!


    • Hi Nicole

      Thanks for taking part in the survey. Good to hear that you got your copy via LLL! Have you found any of your own comments?

      Supporting mothers, and children, is what it’s all about, so it’s always wonderful to read feedback like yours.

      And thanks for good wishes re Gold10! They have more than 1000 online delegates this year – while not all will listen to my presentation live/recorded, many will and they will gain an insight into the value of long-terming!


  6. Julinda

    I haven’t read it yet but am going to order it. I posted info about the book on the “Extended Breastfeeding” group on a popular parenting site so hopefully some of those moms will read it (although to some extent that is “preaching to the choir”). I’m no longer nursing – my younger son stopped at 3 yrs 7 months (unlike his older brother who went quite a bit longer) – but I stay in a couple of online groups to offer support and sometimes advice.

    • Many thanks for posting to Extended Bfdg, Julinda, and also for your comment here.

      🙂 We’re all ‘choir members’ 🙂 but I do believe there’s much in BOC to interest even the most experienced of us! Chapters on Mothers, Fathers, Couples and Children (including children speaking), History of Weaning, Attachment Theory, Neuroscience research. Tons of comments from mothers and fathers throughout – this is a book of many many voices, not just mine!

      It’s great that you’ve stayed involved and give support and advice where you can. Think we’ve all needed it at times!


  7. Milia

    Hi there, Ann! I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE BOC!! I keep it in the living room to just pick-up and read while nursing my youngest, who turns 3 in June. I, too, believe it should be mandatory reading for health care providers. I think it should be mandatory for anyone who sickly thinks we mothers do this for our own gratification, but that’s another topic (-: .

    By the way, on YouTube there is a video taken from a news show somewhere in the US regarding a mother who is still nursing her kindergartner. I think that they homeschool as well. Anyway, they showed the little boy playing in the yard w/his siblings or friends then going over to his mother and nursing for a bit. It was the sweetest, most normal-looking thing (at least to me, it was – given the news reporter’s and commentators’ reactions, however, I wouldn’t say that )-: ). It reminded me of myself w/my own children. They’d die if they had interviewed me: my now-11-y.0. daughter nursed until she was 8! If people would just stop and think why God “invented” breasts to begin with, they might realize how stupid they sound when they criticize us!

    Thank you again, Ann, for such a fantastic, uplifting book!

    • Hi Milia
      Am sure you can imagine how delighted I am by your comments! 🙂 Of all reactions, it was mothers I was most concerned about, and so far fabulously positive. So the years of slog were more than worthwhile!

      Oh, yeah, the ‘we do it for ourselves’ is one of the most trotted-out objections… sigh. And, yes, if only people would think! Too many never examine the nature [prejudice/opinion] and origin [cultural] of their thoughts and feelings and simply react… too often, as you say, stupidly. But, no matter, am more convinced than ever that change IS underway!

      Could you send a link to the Youtube video? If you send as a comment under ‘Long-terming in the news’, it will be easier to copy into the section. Thanks, and thanks so much for your comment!


  8. Hello Ann,
    thanks for your helpful emails and hope your book is selling, more awareness is needed on behalf of us, mother of breastfeeding toddlers…

    I’m hoping to start volunteering as bf peer supporter in Cambridge soon…

    • Hello Simone
      Glad you find emails helpful. The book is selling but there’s also a lot of book-sharing going on and people are also getting libraries to stock it – both of these please me greatly because the book is expensive, so it’s good to know that women who cannot afford to buy it are getting access in other ways.
      All the media coverage of BOC since publication has no doubt helped increase awareness, and more to come 🙂

      Well done – peer support is the most valuable form of support, can make a real difference!


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